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“After being owned by a poodle--everything else is just a Dog!”

Carolyn J. O’Rourke, Cabryn Poodles

Welcome to my site and Thank You for taking the time to learn more about "poodles."

Poodles are not my whole life; but they've filled my life with Love & Joy. My childhood dreams have become my reality and I have been lucky enough to be able to share it with others.

Founder of Cabryn Poodles, Carolyn J. O'Rourke was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Lynbrook, Long Island. She has always loved animals of any and all types. She grew up with a Boxer and a Terrier mix and brought home anything that followed her. Carolyn always seemed to find snakes, turtles, frogs, and lizards. She raised guinea pigs, rabbits, canaries, and fish. She took in orphaned squirrels, pigeons, and raccoons. Her family never seemed to have a dull moment when she was around!

While Poodles are not Carolyn’s whole life, they have made her life whole; as they're filling her life with love and joy. Her childhood dreams had always been to become a poodle breeder that was known for breeding dogs of irresistible temperament, sound health, intelligence, and beauty in breeding these wonderful, quality, specimens. Her objective was and still is to breed with the utmost integrity and sincerity

Carolyn’s knowledge of caring for poodles began when she was fortunate enough to have met Bette Newman at her sister's company picnic.  "Bette and Her Hollywood Pals" was a trained poodle act hired to entertain at the picnic. Carolyn, only ten years old at the time, was instantly attracted to them. She started working for her every weekend where she learned all different aspects of proper care for dogs & monkeys. She groomed and trained her upcoming stars. It never felt like work, it was fun and it became her passion. Bette was her teacher, friend, and mentor. With Bette's kindness, knowledge, inspiration, and patience, Carolyn was on her way!

By the age of thirteen, she had saved enough to purchase her first silver miniature female poodle, "Viet." That was when Cabryn Poodles officially started. By the age of fifteen, Carolyn started grooming dogs in her parents' basement and started her own business.

Carolyn received an Associates Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree all while running her grooming store “The Distinguished Dog” on Main Street in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Although many have said that poodles are her life, love and passion, she is most proud of her two grown children, Wendy & Scott, and her three grandchildren. They have grown to be kind, gentle, loving, respectful, giving, and successful adults. These qualities shine through them each and every day. They have opened her soul allowing her spirit to rejoice. Throughout Wendy & Scott’s childhood, Carolyn shared her home with foster children, at one point having five additional children in her home.

Beliefs Visions and Goals
Cabryn Poodles firmly believes in properly testing for genetic soundness. Twelve years ago, Carolyn convinced her club to run a health clinic, offering genetic screening and services to all poodle lovers. The clinic, if not the largest, then one of the largest on the east coast, offers their services to the public.

Carolyn works very closely with Dr. Blease to ensure a healthy poodle which provides many years of devotion. She strongly believes that everyone deserves an unwavering companion sharing love and joy as a welcome member to their family. It has been and continues to be the goal of Cabryn Poodles to breed the BEST poodle possible, if for nothing else than just to be loved.

Carolyn belonged to Non-Sporting Club of the Garden State and the Sussex Hills Kennel Club. She has also been a member of Watchung Mt. Poodle Club since 1989, occupying numerous positions including Board member, Recording Secretary and the position of President for the past nine years.

Many Cabryn Poodles and their offspring have gone on to become Champions, Top Producers, Obedience & Agility title holders, Therapy dogs, Companions, Pets, or simply "Love Munchkins!!"

In the United States, Cabryn Poodles has produced over 75 "home bred" Champions. Cabryn Poodles have also landed all over the world in countries including Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela and The Virgin Islands. Many have won their Championship titles as well as the hearts and souls of their owners and their friends. They have been admired by their competitors everywhere they go. They have become ambassadors for the breed!

Carolyn has judged at match shows, county fairs, and seminars. Many of her poodles have modeled for advertisements, magazines, and movies.

CABRYN Poodle Awards
Back in the 80’s, Ch CABRYN Silver Glitter N’ Garland was the most titled breed Champion of his time. This silver miniature male received championship titles in America, World, International, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Las. America, So. America, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

1994, white toy male, Am & Can Ch CABRYN White Tornado aka: "Ajax" won a Poodle Specialty for Best in Show.

1999, black miniature, Am & Can Ch CABRYN Legend In Her Own Time TP aka: "Crystal" won Best in Show (as a ten-month old puppy) at a Canadian Poodle Specialty. She then went on to become the #10 miniature in the USA.

2007, silver miniature, Am & Can Ch CABRYN Lone Ranger aka: "Ranger" became the Number10 miniature.

2008, black miniature, Can Ch CABRYN Glory Bee aka: "BeBe" raised the roof when she went to an All Breed show in Canada as a puppy and won Best in Show !

The Ultimate Award
In 2004, the American Kennel Club presented Carolyn O’Rourke with the prestigious “Number One" Miniature Breeder in the United States Award. She was especially gratified because there are thousands of poodles breeders in all 50 states to choose from and this was a truly a "glorious" honor.

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